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Pleased to hear you're enjoying it Csm5450 and that the Butter chicken turned out nice.



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Butter chicken recipe excellent. I used only one chilli and that was enough for us!
the cumin rice also delicious, the Ghee is made quickly and easily

I am really enjoying this chip. I just made the Tikka Paste, however it is a huge amount, next time I'll half it.
i don't understand using the Paste and also adding all the other spices to the TIkka Masala - is this correct?
and how else can I use this Paste - it will keep me going for a year!

i checked the German site and the recipe there is from a previous Indian book translated to German. It uses raw onions and ordinary red chilli (could have saved myself sourcing the Kashmiri ones!)
Tips - mix with yogurt as a dip or a marinade; add flavour to tomato soup with the paste; mix with mayo