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Oh dear, my comment seems to have disappeared?! I am just asking for basic help to create a stir fry. I have only managed to make a smoothie so far with my machine. I don't tend to use ingredients such as oyster sauce, I use tamari, a kind of soy sauce, and coconut oil or olive oil. I make stir fries using ingredients like baby corn, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, onions, mushrooms. Obviously some take more cooking than others. Sometimes I use some chicken breast.

Basic help much appreciated. Oh, and what is this 'reverse' thing?


Hello there,

I am completely new and totally befuddled! At least I managed to make a smoothie.

I just want to know how to make a vegetable stir fry. I don't tend to use ingredients like oyster sauce, but I do use tamari, which is like soy sauce and coconut oil or olive oil. I use things like brussel sprouts, baby corn, onion and leek, mushrooms. Can someone please give me an idea how to proceed. And what is this 'reversing' thing?

Sorry to be basic.