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I love cooking sweets myself at home. I think you know this cake, but according to my recipe it will be something new for you.

Easy Napoleon Cake Recipe

You will definitely like it.

Hi Merrydith
I am fairly new to my TM5 (few months!) and only discovered this « forum » a few days ago. I got in touch with another person about making a Wholemeal loaf and although not a complete failure I had to add her recipe to eventually get something that is « acceptable » if you have never tasted homemade bread before!

I must add I am not at home for the nxt 10days wo am relying entirely on my TM5 + local cooker.

I have just read your most encouraging reply to Maggie and I hope you won’t mind me contacting you about... bread making that you said you did?
Do you have a reliable recipe for about 400g Wholemeal flour+200g while (both strong of course!) I would be most grateful!

I have just realised that yr reply to Maggie was over 2 years ago! I do hope you are still a happy Thermomix cook!
There is so much for me to discover and not be frightened by it!

Many thanks

Hi all
i am today taking delivery of the TM5 and although excited a little concerned I will want to return to my trusty TM31. To avoid this I have gifted my trustyTM31 to my "daughter in law" she will have a listening ear to help out when you go "why is it doing that". I hope this forum will be my listening ear and able to proffer any advice to guide me through the settling in period. Would love to have a big enough kitchen to keep both but hey ho I'm sure she will get many years of adventurous cooking from it. Any tips before I start?

Hello, I'm new to the thermomix world, I'm looking for the mincemeat pie recipe, but can't find it, only need to know what kind of pastry I need to do, is it shortcrust pasty? I have looked at he recipe but the lard is missing, can it be done without the lard? Feel a bit lost there.

Thanks for your help

Hi Merrydith,

No problem. Ah ok I see, yes it will definitely be coming soon I can tell you that much.

Really pleased that you no longer purchase processed foods anymore and that you've lost weight too, that's awesome.

You won't miss out, it's definitely coming to us soon. Hope that helps but let me know if you have any other questions.


 Thermomix - Cooking at your fingertips!

Hello Kwame,

I slipped up there :puzzled: ! I am britisch but live in Germany and because I look regularly on the UK Cookidoo website, I assumed the Cook-Key is already there. That's an exciting developement still to come!!

The first time I ever saw a thermomix, I said to my husband "2 seconds stufe 3 and 3 seconds stufe 2??? That is not cooking!!!

Truth is, I cook so much more now. My husband turns his nose up if I suggest we buy frozen pizza because they're on special offer. I hardly use any processed foods anymore, lost weight into the bargin.

Would be sad to miss out on the benefits!

Hello Maggie,

Apologies for the delay in replying and thank you Merrydith.

Yes please don't give up! What chips do you currently have?

When the Cook-key is launched in the UK which will be later on this year, it will make this much easier as Merrydith suggests as it will link up with Cookidoo and give you access to all your collections instantly.

I can put you in touch with our recipe development team who have a wealth of knowledge if you like so please do let me know if that would help.



 Thermomix - Cooking at your fingertips!

Hello Maggie,

I noticed that you post hasn't been answered yet, and so I thought I could try and help. I've been using a my thermomix for just over 2 years now and I think it’s such a shame that you are missing out on the benefits of using your thermomix because of difficulties using the chip.

I have 4 books with chips. In the back of each chip package ist a small booklet in the back so you can see the recipes on it.

Even if it seems a little long-winded to first look in the book before you start cooking, I’m sure that with time you have the recipes you want in your head and can search alphabetically for them on the chip.

When you have tried a recipe that you know you will want to make again, you can make it a "Favourite" and then you can find these recipes quickly.

At the beginning, I used to flip through the books in my spare time and made a small list with the next recipes I would like to try out. So for example, I would have "Minestrone - The Basic Cookbook". When I wanted to make a soup then, I looked on my list, knew which chip I needed to attach and then it was easy to look either alphabetically under M for Minestrone or within the Category Soup.

I actually made Minestrone to a favourite because I make it often to use up Vegetables. I can find it very quickly on the chip.

Maybe this seems long-winded at first but the timesaving later makes it worth it.

Basic things like Pizza Dough, Steamed Rice or Potatoes, different Vegetables or Sweet Shortcrust Pastry, I wrote on a card, than I then taped on the inside of the cupboard door over my thermomix. This was a quick reference that saved me time at the beginning. Today I know automatically how to do things like steam potatoes.

At the beginning of the year I purchased a Cook-Key. With it I had access to so many recipes it was almost overwhelming. But I did the same as with the books. When I had free time, I used the cookidoo app on my tablet to look at recipes and made lists for myself. Which soups do I want to try next, which breads do I want to bake next etc?

Please don’t let being daunted at the beginning put you off and cause you to stop using your thermomix. It won’t take long to get used to it all and then the time saving is fantastic. Even better is the convenience. I can cook the potatoes and vegetables in the thermomix and while they’re cooking I can see to the Meat for example. Nothing boils over; I can go and do other things.

My family love rice pudding, I can throw all the ingredients in the thermomix, start it going and do something else for the next 50 minutes. When the thermomix “calls” me back to the kitchen, all I need to do is pour the rice pudding into the serving bowl, put a plate over it and wait 15 minutes. Then the family can eat a delicious creamy rice pudding. No standing and stirring or keeping watch that the milk does boil over. On the inside of the cupboard door I had a post-it note that said:
“Rice Pudding
+ 200 ml Milk
50 minutes”

That’s my personal changes to the recipe in the book. With the Cook-Key you can add notes to the recipes so that you see them on your thermomix.

I’m not a representative or anything like that, I’m just a regular Mom that wished she’d had a thermomix years ago. I bake all our bread with it, Hamburger buns, hotdog rolls, toasties the lot.

My daughters are all grown up now and I wish I had the money to buy each of them a thermomix so that they can have the convenience of it.

Please don’t give up. It’s really worth the time you invest to get used to it.

Good luck and happy cooking,

Merrydith Smile

I find I am not using my new thermomix because I have no knowledge of what is on my clips, I have to get out the books and check which one it is on before I can even start. Or i have to get my tablet and go to cookidoo to look them up, by the time I have done this I can do the job by hand! Any easy way of doing this, one clip i dont have a book for.