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Good morning everyone!

I have been trying to make my yogourt receipe in the Thermomix. My receipe requires that the milk heats to 90C. When I put my trusted candy thermometer in the milk once the Thermomix reaches the said 90C, it reads much lower. So, community, help a newcomer to Thermomix. Do I have to leave the milk in the Thermomix, to be heated at 90C for another 5, 10 or 15 minutes so the milk actually reaches 90C? In other words, when the dial indicates that the temperature of 90C has been reached, does it mean that the milk (or any other liquid) has also reached 90C or does it simply mean that the Thermomix heating unit has reach 90C and, consequently, you have to leave the food in for extra time for it to reach the wanted temp?

I am seriously not trying to make life complicated... but I am stumped with that one!