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Hi everyone just got my TM6 during lockdown so its been challenging to get ot know it. Struggling with some aspects of using it at the moment and induction was a little difficult over zoom. are there masterclasses online I can follow and where I can improve my skills at getting the best from my TM6? any support very much appreciated.

Hi Merrydith,
I just got my new Thermomix and was browsing the UK website - came across your post. I'm British and live in Germany, too. The German website is super, but sometimes it's nice to see what's going on in England! I'm close to Leipzig, used to live near Munich and I've been in Germany for over 20 years now.
Do you know why I shouldn't use a TM31 recipe in the TM5?

Hello. I am totally new to Thermomix. Meeting up for my ‘induction’ later today. Totally excited.

Thank you very much Smile


 Thermomix - Cooking at your fingertips!

Hi kwarme, welcome!

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself to you all quickly.

My name is Kwame Appiah and I am the new Online Marketing Manager at Thermomix UK replacing Ash Springle who will be leaving tomorrow. This is my second day in the company, I'm 35, recently married with two kids and I'm looking forward to getting my own Thermomix and cooking for my seemingly always hungry family!

I look forward to working with you all and answering your queries. If there are any issues with the forum or anything isn't working correctly, please do let me know.


 Thermomix - Cooking at your fingertips!

Hi Monica, just looked at your web site, its great and you certainly are a Thermomix lover!

I am a Thermomix lover, run a cookery school in Bristol and write a blog with many Thermomix recipes mainly Spanish (if you are interested) you can see them on
Hopefully see you there!

Hi Everyone,

I'm english, originally from Staffordshire, but now live in Germany. I've had my TM5 since February last year. I agree with Angie252, Thermomix is hugeee here in Germany. Theres well over half a million users in the german recipe community. ... but I'm missing good old (or not so old) english recipes, so I'm really excited about this community. I get quite homesick at times, even though I love it in germany... my husband is german.

Ash... congratulations on the twins... I have twin girls, but they're all grown up now. I wish I had had a thermomix back then. Would have made life easier.

In the last year I've gone over to baking all our own bread. That includes Hamburger Buns (so much better homemade), Tiger Bread that we got to know on our last trip to England and all the classic german-style breads.

Carole... after getting my thermomix I gradually started losing weight. I think because I was changing a lot of industrial-produced foods with homemade. It's just lead to a healthier way of eating.

I guess you can tell... I love my thermomix! Smile


Hi all

Had my TM31 since 2013, when we were in Brisbane, and now have a TM5 to go with it! We recently relocated from Berkshire to Aberdeen, and I've just become an Advisor up here, in an effort to spread the word! So if anyone is in Aberdeenshire and knows someone who'd like a demo...:smile:

The Aussie RC was/is great, and a UK version will be equally good - looking forward to seeing it grow.


Hi, I'm Carole and live in Suffolk. I've had my thermomix TM5 for about 6 months. Really great we've now got a UK site:smile:

I really need to lose weight so any help with that would be brilliant (low calorie recipes? low sugar?) Thanks

Hello everyone,

my name is Angie and I live in Germany. My husband is british and I am looking forward to see this Site hopefully grow quickly. Thermomix is huge over here and seems to be slowly getting bigger in the UK. Hoping to find new ideas over here.

I have had my Thermomix since April 2016 and loving it. There are things I rather Cook "oldschool". But the TM5 certainly makes my life easier as I often work late, but still want a freshly cooked meal on the table.

Aggie wrote:

Hi All

I am Aggie from Manchester

awaitng for TM 5,is comming soon!

so far I am happy with TM 31

hi Aggie,

you will love the TM5!


Hi All

I am Aggie from Manchester

awaitng for TM 5,is comming soon!

so far I am happy with TM 31

Hi, everyone. I'm Joy and I live in Chelmsford, Essex. I'm really pleased that this has started and have alreadfy found some great ideas/recipes.
Thanks very much.

No I just trug up and down the M11 taxi ing! I'm in Bucks just off M25. Moving sounds exciting/ stressful! Are you loving the TM5?

Hi everyone.

Only purchased my TM5 less than a month ago so very happy to see timing was perfect with this community being created etc. Similarly to Nadia, I knew of the Thermomix through my family and friends in Portugal.

Particular greeting to Ash who has obviously been very busy adding a load of recipes to the site -thanks for your work and good luck with the twins. I have two girls myself but one is a toddler and the other one is 6 months.One of the main reasons I got the Thermomix is to cook some lovely healthy food for my baby.

Looking forward to learn lots from everyone.

Hi, I am Judith I have just joined the community, I started 4 years ago with a TM31 which my daughter has taken to University, I now have a TM5 which I use probably on a nearly daily basis. I am looking forward to hearing about what everyone else get up to with their thermies.

Hi everyone,

My name is Nadia & I live in Cambs.

My thermomix was gifted to me and purchased in Portugal where the Bimby/Thermomix is massive! Smile

Hi Lesley ! We are in Chigwell at the moment but have just put an offer down for a place in Purleigh (near Chelmsford). Ive been a Thermo-Lover since 2007, I bought the TM31 whilst working in Germany (which my sister has "borrowed" now indefintely). Ive had the TM5 since Sep 2015. How about you ? Are you in Essex too ? x

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would introduce myself too - I'm Ash and I'm the Online Manager for Thermomix UK. So all of the online channels are looked after by myself.

I've owned and been using for Thermomix just over 4 years now (first TM31 now TM5) and absolutely love it! I'm 29 and my wife and I just had our first babies. Yup - babies! We had twin girls :D so I'm really looking forward to putting my Thermomix to great use for baby food in the not so distant future.

I'm so excited to see everyone on this new UK community and we want to make it the best one in the world! I'm sure all of you lovely people will help with that and of course, I will do everything I can. So please, anything you need or if something isn't working right just let me know and I'll get on it as fast as I can.

Happy cooking everyone!


 Thermomix - Cooking at your fingertips!

Hi Jennifer. Where are you in Essex? My daughters at Uni in Colchester. How long have you been a thermo lover?

Good Morning ! Im Jennifer in gorgeous Essex. Great to have a UK community finally ! Happy Sunday & Happy Mixing Everyone x x

Hey everyone,

I'm Iza and I live in Edinburgh. I absolutely adore my Thermie and I'm extremely happy to see UK community. Looking forward to see what we're all experimenting with!

Hi everyone

my name is Lola and I live in Milton Keynes, as some of you have already mentioned the Aussie community is good but this one will be great, more according with European ingredients and taste.

Hi Everyone.

I'm Denise and live in South Heath, Buckinghamshire it's great to meet you all.

Lesley we are nearly neighbours. :smile:

Hi everyone!

I'm Androulla and I live in Bristol

Yes, I love the Australian one but sometimes struggle with knowing just what some of the ingredients are!

Hi, I'm Lesley. I live in Amersham. Delighted we have a community!

Hi everyone

I'm Sheila I live in Davenham Cheshire - so good to have a UK community, as much as I love the Aussie one this is going

to be great.

Hello, all! I am Amber in Kingston upon Thames, down sout in Surrey.

Madeleine, I was visiting Durham a couple of weeks ago and dropped by at Newcastle. What a beautiful city it is. I love the stone buildings in the centre of town.

Hi Louise

I'm Madeleine and I live up in chilly Newcastle upon Tyne.

Hi guys.

Im Louise and live in Barry in South Wales.

hope to meet more thermonuts