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Whilst not ideal, I did a similar thing but with water.

You will notice under the bowl on the TM unit there is a small hole, which more than likely all the cream ran out.

I assume this hole was designed there for such eventualities.

Anyway if it makes you feel more at ease, my mishap was a long time ago and although I had the same initial sinking feeling as you have probably had.... The machine is still going strong

Good Morning,

Sorry to hear this. How is your Thermomix now? Any issues still?


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Have Thermomix since yesterday and I was so stupid already to flood it with double cream....
Very busy day with 3 kids, everyone speeding me up, tried to make one recipe and had to empty bowl and clean it to continue cooking. I was in so rush and by my fault I didn't put blades back on and poured straight in 600ml of double cream. I have quickly cleaned it up but I do worry so much I could damage my machine.
Spent on it all my savings and possibly ruined it on my second day.
At the moment thermomix is working perfectly but I do worry so much now, please help, what should I do now?