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I love scallops. And often I cook them.
Baked Scallops Recipe
This is my favorite dish with scallops.

I often cook desserts myself at home. And my favorite is Napoleon cake.

Easy Napoleon Cake Recipe

I advise you to try.

Good advice if you have only fan oven. Most of the baking and bread recipes are tested on top/bottom oven setting, so if you can use that, even better!


most recipes I see here in Germany reduce the temperature by 20°C if using a fan assisted oven. Even then I would still check earlier than the given time like Iza suggests because every oven is different.


I thought it might be a useful tip for new Thermomix owners. If you happen to have a fan assisted oven (e.g. Bosch makes some of them), reduce your baking time by about 1/3 of recommended time on the recipe. For example, when you're making a cake and recipe says to bake it for 60 minutes, set your timer for around 35-40 minutes first and then have a look on the top of the cake and check the middle with a knife. Same advice goes with muffins etc. A good idea is also to put a baking paper gently around the tin so the top of your cake doesn't burn.

I hope you'll find it helpful, I used to struggle for weeks when I first got my Thermie. Happy baking!