Forum Anyone frustrated Vorwerk are deliberately keeping features OFF the TM5? Thicken and Rice? Why can’t they add via software?

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I have been using my TM5 to 'sous vide' some dishes since I got it. Now the TM6 has a number of 'new modes' such as Sous Vide, Thicken (for sauces) and Rice Cooker... i can't for the life of me understand (beyond crass commercial upselling) which the TM5 could not benefit from a software update enabling features. It is completely normal now to update software - and the TM5 has had fairly basic updates in the 2 - 3 years I've had mine.

Honestly - i feel slightly exploited - of COURSE i can thicken a sauce and cook rice and sous vide in the TM5 - but Vorwek are choosing to not enable a software update to simplify it. Now I see a load of recipes on Cookidoo that I CAN'T MAKE. Again, you KNOW what model i have, so why do you show content that is not relevant? Oh yes... because you are all about selling more £1000 devices with minimal actual innovation.

I'm frustrated. Anyone else feeling that Vorwerk should be less exploitative?