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Easy Peasy Spreadable Butter



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  • 1 portion cream, (600ml carton)
  • 500 g cold water, from fridge
  • 1/4-1/2 tsp salt, to your taste
  • 80 g flavourless oil, (eg grapeseed, rice bran etc. See notes)

Recipe's preparation

  1. (The following is my interpretation of the butter making recipe from the EDC, just as I make it, followed by how to turn that into spreadable butter)
    Insert butterfly and add cream

  2. Turn on to speed 4 for anywhere from 1-4 minutes until you hear the butter solids and buttermilk separate. Time varies depending on freshness and temperature of the cream. Older cream takes less time to turn into butter.

  3. When you can see yellow butter solids and the white buttermilk, stop TM and remove butterfly. Insert steaming basket into TM bowl (on top of the butter solids which are still in the TM bowl) and pour buttermilk into a small jug. Remove basket and firmly press the butter solids against the side of the TM bowl to squeeze out as much buttermilk as you can, and pour into your jug. 

  4. Pour 500g of cold water in with the butter solids and mix on speed 4 for 10 seconds, press butter solids and drain all excess liquid. I use the TM spatula to very firmly press the butter into the side of the TM bowl, to try and get all liquid out.

  5. Leave butter solids in TM bowl. Add salt and oil of choice and mix on speed 6 for 10-20 seconds. Mixture can be a little 'sloppy' depending on room temp, how long you mix it for etc, but it will firm up a little in the fridge. See tips section  below for more info


Accessories you need



I have made this with a few different types of oil. In our family we prefer grapeseed or rice bran oil. I am yet to try it with flavourless coconut oil, but I would also give that a try. 

I definitely would not recommend using canola oil! Also if you choose to use olive oil, it does have quite a distinct taste which you may not like or be used to, which is why I recommend a flavourless oil. 

Salt is a personal preference, but it does help to preserve your spreadable butter a little longer too. We use 1/2 ts, but everyone is different, so please use what you like for your taste.

For more info on oils I highly recommend reading here:

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