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Easy Rice Crackers- Gluten & Dairy free



80 portion(s)

Rice Crackers

  • 300 g raw brown rice (to mill)
  • 120 g raw brown rice (to cook)
  • 50 g oil, (I use mild olive)
  • 70 g water, (extra 20 g if using seeds)
  • 1 teaspoon salt

Optional Ingredients (add all, some or none)

  • 25 g Toasted Sesame Seeds, (toast in oven, or in TMX)
  • 1 tablespoon whole linseeds
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 tablespoon poppy seeds

Recipe's preparation

    Rice Crackers
  1. Measure in 300 g raw brown rice- Mill 1 minute/Speed 10. Set aside. 


  2. Second measure of raw rice, 120 g- Rinse in TMX basket then add 900g water to bowl, cook 35 mins/Varoma/Speed 1. Run cold water through to cool it.




  3. Rinse bowl, then add cooked rice, milled raw rice, oil, water and salt, then mix 30 seconds/speed 7.




  4. Add optional seeds then mix Reverse Speed/Turbo until just mixed. 


  5. Turn onto Thermomat (or a large sheet of baking paper) and give quick knead. Dough should be fairly sticky. Divide dough into 5 or 6 portions. Put the lumps of dough onto a plate, and put to the side. Put glad wrap over it to stop it drying out. 


  6. Take one portion, place a sheet of baking paper on top and roll very thin. If it’s breaking up too much when rolling out, you'll need to place dough back in bowl and mix in more water. When dough is fairly thin, about 1mm thick, place baking tray on top, and flip thermomat over. Gently peel off thermomat.



  7.  Trim sides up, grind some salt on. 

  8. Score into squares, then triangles with a pizza cutter or knife. Wet blade to stop dough sticking to it.

  9. Bake about 20 minutes at 180⁰C until golden. 


  10. Wait till they're cool before breaking the crackers along the scored cuts. But they're best eaten warm from the oven- now your mission is to try to resist eating the whole lot!


Accessories you need



These are the healthiest and best rice crackers I have ever tasted, and everyone who has had them agrees! They're so good for a while I toyed with the idea of selling them commercially, as bought ones just do not compare. Keeping portions of cooked brown rice in the freezer,and toasting a big batch of sesame seeds means I can have these mixed and cooked within 35 mins. I often half the recipe. We love them with sun dried tomato hummus, made in the TMX. 

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